• VFX-1712 C7 Dual Racing Stripe

    $375.00 $325.00

    Are you looking to really stand out from the crowd? Adding the VetteFX dual racing stripe is the answer!

    - Unlike our competitors who charge $50 or more for pre mask, ALL of our stripes come standard with mask. Mask not only holds the stripes together so the gap stays consistent while you install them, you wont need to install each side of the stripe separately and have to try and manually line up the gap. The mask also protects the stripe from getting scratched by the squeegee. All of GMs stripes come with mask just like ours. 

    - C7 Dual Racing Stripe kit is a full length body stripe

    - Standard colors are - Carbon Flash (closest match to the hood vent), Gloss Black, Flat Black, White, Silver Metallic, Charcoal Metallic

    - Want to add custom text or logo to your stripe? Custom Business Logo? No problem! - Just email our design team and let us help design a custom stripe just for you!

    - Looking for a custom color? We have over 300 colors available, contact us for other colors and pricing.