If your decals came rolled in a shipping tube please remove and lay flat. Allow a few hours before installing. Applying a book or other heavy flat object (that will not damage the vinyl) can aid in flattening your stripe.  Take your time and you will get professional results, if you are not comfortable installing we always recommend having a local tint shop install.


It is best to install your stripe in temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees F. If it is too cold your vinyl will not stick. If it is too hot your vinyl may stick improperly and stretch.


-32 oz spray bottle filled with water & 3-4 drops of liquid soap

-Squeegee (credit card or license wrapped in a soft paper towel will work)

-Measuring Tape, Masking Tape

1- Clean surface VERY well using isopropyl rubbing alcohol to remove any old wax etc.

2- Line stripe up using measuring tape, use masking tape to mark guide lines to aid in lining stripe up once you start installation.

3- Spray a liberal amount of soap and water on the surface where you will be installing your stripe

4- Remove backing paper from vinyl and spray solution on adhesive side of the stripe

5- Apply stripe to desired position, you will have a little time to slide stripe around to adjust its location, keep spraying solution under stripe until you have it in the right position.

6- Using your non-squeegee hand apply a small amount of pressure to keep stripe from moving. Using the squeegee, lock the stripe into place by taking a squeegee stroke down the middle of the stripe.

7- Using a small amount of pressure squeegee water out starting from the middle of the stripe working your way out to each edge. If there are areas where the water pools up simply use a dry paper towel wrapped around the squeegee and slowly soak up the excess water. If you are trying to wrap the material around an edge a hairdryer will help the material to adhere.

8- When all of the water and bubbles are removed from under the stripe you are done. If your stripes came with transfer tape make sure the stripe is good and set and then remove the transfer tape pulling up at a 45 degree angle, pulling slowly to not disturb the stripe. Park your car in the sun and give it a chance to dry before you drive the car.

Do NOT wash the vehicle for at least 48-72 hours - You may see some small water blisters under the stripe for the first few days, this is completely normal, setting the car in the sun and allowing them to dry naturally for 3-4 days should remove all of the left over water. 

9-  Enjoy your new VETTEFX stripe kit!

C7 Grill Blackout Install Video

C7 Side Marker Tint Install Video

C7 Side Marker Tint Installation Video

C7 Side Vent Decal Install Video

C7 Side Vent Decal Installation Video

Wheel Pinstripe Tape Install Video

Wheel Pinstripe Tape Install

Frequently ASKED


Are these stripes easy to install?

          We make these kits as easy to install as possible, they are computer cut for an exact fit and are made to be installed with soap and water. With that being said we always recommend a professional install if you do not feel comfortable.

Can the stripes be removed once installed?

          Yes! If the stripes ever need to be removed the process is very simple. Heat always helps, you can leave the car in the sun, use a hair dryer or even a heat gun. Once the graphics are warm the glue will release much easier and will not damage the paint. Once you peel off the graphics it may require a little 3M adhesive remover.


All of our stripes are custom designed by one of our in house designers so if you see a stripe kit you like but think it needs a tweek just for you? Just contact us so we can make your dream a reality!


We use only the highest quality materials that will meet or exceed OEM quality. All of our standard materials are rated for a minimum of 5 years of outdoor use. Unlike our competitors all of our stripes include FREE shipping and FREE masking!


We have all brand new state of the art printing, laminating and cutting equipment, let our professionals help you design a full custom wrap or just small printed vinyl decals!

STANDARD COLORS - NO EXTRA CHARGE- Gloss Black, Flat Black, Metallic Black (Carbon Flash), Red, White, Silver Metallic, Charcoal Metallic

Have a custom color you need? No Problem! We have the ability to purchase most any color you desire. Custom colors will be an additional charge as we have to purchase a minimum amount but it will usually run an additional $20-$80 depending on the stripe kit.


* ALL vinyl graphics are considered custom order items, there are NO RETURNS, CREDITS or EXCHANGES once the order is placed.

* It is the customers responsibility to open the package and inspect the items upon delivery. Packages that appear damaged need to be reported to us right away. NO defect or damage reports will be accepted after 7 days!

* ALL items should be thoroughly inspected for any defects or damages PRIOR to installation. Once the item is installed NO defect or damages will be accepted.

*ALL other returns will be on a case by case basis. If a return is authorized there will be a 15% restocking fee and shipping will be the responsibility of the returning party.