The VetteFX Story -

I was born into a Corvette family. My grandfather bought his first corvette brand new in 1957, it was a 57 Fuelly. He then traded it for a 62 Fuelly which he allowed my father to take to prom. That was it, that was the night my dad had the Corvette itch. Before my grandfather passed away he had owned over 1000 cars, 12 of which were Corvettes. My father just turned 70 and currently has a 1965 Big Tanker with a ton of factory options as well as a 2015 Stingray. My dad has had 56 Corvettes as of this writing and I have had 26.

My father has owned a Corvette parts business since 1974 and he still works on Vettes and sells parts every day. Growing up around my father and his love of Corvettes obviously transferred to me and I started VetteFX a few years ago.